Monday, January 10, 2011

8201 Error on Archive location in GroupWise 8.x

If you've used GroupWise long at all you've probably seen this error pop up from time to time and you know it has multiple possible causes.  However, none of the TIDs that I've come across seem to have the particular issue I've been running into noted.  Good news is I have a work around. First though, you'll need some background info.

  1. All of our archive locations are locked by default.
  2. Default archive locations for this environment are to the users home drives.
  3. GroupWise version on the backend is 8.01 HP2, client is at 7.03 or higher up to 8.0.2.
  4. Home drives are on an OES2 SP2 - Linux server
  5. The server is virtualized on VMWare's VSphere (was ESXi to begin with)

The symptoms are usually experienced by a new archive user, but not always.  What happens is the user goes to Open Archive within the GroupWise client and they immediately get an 8201 error.  For some users it moves from an 8201 error to an 8209 error after several unsuccessful attempts to get at the archive.  This occurs for PC users only, our Mac users don't get to archive unless it's to their local drive and they have to agree to be responsible for the backup of the archive.

Here's the workaround:

  1. Unlock the archive location for the given user (use ConsoelOne, right click on the user, select Client Options, pick the File Locations tab)
  2. If there is an existing archive, copy that folder to the user's local drive.  I generally use c:\grpwise\archive to keep within the 8.3 file format.
  3. Close the GroupWise client.
  4. Open the GroupWise client and change the File Location (Tools | Options) to the new spot on the local drive.
  5. Have the user select Open Archive.  
  6. Go back to the mailbox.
  7. Archive a message that is "ok" to potentially lose (only had this happen once, but it's a caveat you'll want to be aware of)
  8. Open Archive and verify the message is there.  Close the GroupWise client.
  9. Copy the archive from the local drive back up to the server, and lock the archive location again (if you want).
  10. Open the GroupWise client, verify that the File Location is pointing back to the original location.
  11. Open Archive, verify that they can see at least the message that was just archived.

This has worked for everyone reporting the issue here.  Hopefully it will work for everyone else as well.

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